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Renku is an open-source platform that makes it easy to research and collaborate around data.

It has very useful features, but its interface was difficult to use: features that were complex to understand, difficult to navigate, and an aging design.

The Renku team therefore called on our design services to provide a solution!

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What we have achieved

We started with a comprehensive audit of the web application, along with our recommendations for improvements to the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

Then we decided, together with the Renku team, which elements to work on as a priority. Thus, it was decided to rethink the search system, the display of projects, the user dashboard and finally, to offer a brand new interface.

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How did the collaboration happen?

For 2 months, we held meetings almost every week, in order to show the progress of the UX redesign of the platform to the Renku team. But also to collect their feedback and plan the next steps together.

In order to facilitate collaboration with the Renku team, these meetings often took place in a hybrid manner (face-to-face, videoconferences, etc.).

The Renku team was very happy with the result and their developers quickly started implementing the changes.

All our designs have been designed from the start to simplify development. We provided Renku with a system design for the new interface, along with comprehensive documentation.

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