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The Swiss Data Science Center is a Swiss organization that aims to make the use of data science more accessible, in particular through academic or innovation projects.

The SDSC wanted to have a site that was more intuitive to navigate while offering a wide variety of easily accessible content.

Swiss Data Science Center
Data Science
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Improving engagement through well-accessible content

In order to improve navigability, user engagement, and enable SDSC to become a leading player in data science in Switzerland, we started by structuring the messages and organizing the various content collections according to their personas.

No less than 10 content collections have a dedicated display and are connected to each other: visitors can discover a team member's page, see the academic projects he has worked on or the blogs in which he is mentioned.

They can also discover the 4 areas of activity of the SDSC and all the projects, publications, innovations or articles related to them and thus navigate while always having information to discover.

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Optimized development and editing thanks to Webflow

The new SDSC site is designed to manage and access various contents very easily. Editing content is simple and optimized with Webflow's native editor.

Content editing is still customized to include, for example, content with LaTeX, allowing algebraic formulas to be displayed. Selected content can be highlighted in the various menus and on the home page.

A custom search is included in the menu and pop-up windows (modal) can be displayed to discover team members from a collection, allowing you not to block the discovery of content.

The management of subscribers to the newsletter is simplified thanks to the connection of the site with the tool chosen by the communication team.

In short, the new SDSC site is simple to navigate and edit, and allows you to quickly find information while discovering new content at the same time!

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Voir le site
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