Redesign of the website and the user portal for the EPFL Innovation Park

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The EPFL Innovation Park, or EIP, is the innovation park linked to EPFL. It hosts nearly 200 companies and startups in 12 buildings and offers synergies between its actors through events and conferences.

Using numerous services to manage the list of businesses, parking spaces or even the numerous events, the EIP team needed to unify everything and improve the image of its site.

EPFL Innovation Park
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Unifying services

Historically, the EIP team used Wordpress in addition to their ERP to display and manage information, but had to manage it in several places at the same time.

We proposed the creation of a Dedicated API to centralize all data management and access to various IT providers.

Like the redesign of the site was also on the agenda, the API allowed the team to manage the dynamic content of the site through their ERP.

We also redesigned the customer portal in order to unify all the services specific to the EIP.

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A tailor-made website

With the design made on Figma by the agency :ratio as well as detailed documentation, we were able to redesign the EIP website on Webflow.

The site also includes a NextJS project that injects dynamic elements at specific locations on certain pages.

These React components thus make it possible to display data coming directly from the ERP and which are very easy for the park team to modify.

The site is fluid, fast, interactive and brings together all related services under one banner.

Mission accomplished!

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Voir le site
Voir le site
Voir le site

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