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Posalux markets high-tech machines for micromachining.

For the 80th anniversary of Posalux, the marketing team wanted to redesign the company's website.

The objective was to highlight people and machines to disseminate both a user-friendly and technical aspect.

Precision industry
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Structure content in a clear way

One of the main challenges was to structure the content of the website in order to have a clear user experience, which reflects the way in which Posalux markets its machines.

We focused on how to present micromachining technologies in connection with machines in a logical way.

We've also reworked how users can download brochures leaving their contact details to make it easier to track conversions.

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Apply a modern and stylish design

For the look'n'feel of the site, we applied the Posalux graphic charter, while aiming to have a friendly and technical atmosphere through photos of people and machines.

We reworked high-quality videos, which Posalux had, for key sections such as page headers.

These videos were also used as a source to extract visuals, making it possible to avoid photo shoots for the customer.

We also created animated elements for illustrate business technologies.

We collaborated with one of our partner graphic designers to create quality icons and visuals to illustrate important concepts.

All the work done on the interface allows pleasant navigation and improves the engagement rate of visitors to the new website!

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