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Dog's Food Corner makes complete menus and homemade food products for dogs and cats. Based in Villeret, in the Bernese Jura, the small business is enjoying growing success by selling quality products.

To support it in its development on the French-speaking market, Coteries tested the potential of online sales for Dogs Food Corner and then optimized its sales processes with an e-commerce site.

Dog's Food Corner
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Test the market and analyze the traffic

Dog's Food Corner had a showcase site and wanted to assess online customer acquisition. We therefore carried out a market test by generating qualified traffic to this site with Google Ads.

By posting ads on Google's search network, we were able to:

  1. Understand what people are looking for, and define the queries on which to position the customer
  2. Measure the potential monthly quantity of queries on specific terms
  3. Find out if people are converting on the promise when placing an order

Once the test was successful, we agreed together to take the next step: optimizing sales.

CHF spent on the test
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Design and production of an e-commerce site

Dog's Food Corner had a site made with a turnkey solution by a local host, but which was neither malleable nor very modern. The order process was relatively difficult and time consuming.

The site also did not present the adaptation of Dog's Food Corner products for the treatment of certain health problems in dogs and cats.

We therefore proposed to Dog's Food Corner to optimize its sales with a new site dedicated to e-commerce with Shopify. Customers can now order directly online, rapidly growing Dog's Food Corner business and optimizing internal processes.

The site also contains a calculating custom developed. It allows visitors to estimate the quantity of food to give to their animal.

Like Shopify has a content management system (CMS), the customer can modify the content of the website and also publish new ones, such as blog posts.

increase in turnover
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Voir le site
Voir le site
Voir le site

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