How to create perfect product sheets for your e-commerce

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Selling online today has become very accessible. There are a multitude of e-commerce solutions that are practical and whose cost is relatively affordable depending on the solution.

Among these solutions, we find in particular: Shopify, woocommerce, Prestashop, Ecwid or even Wix, which make it easy to sell your products online. With e-commerce, it is also easier to present and communicate about your offer on the internet.

On the other hand, easy access to online sales is also synonymous with a lot of competition. You can always find an e-commerce site that is better than ours, that presents information more clearly or that communicates more effectively about its products.

Positioning yourself thus becomes more complex than it seems, especially when you have to deal with e-commerce giants such as Amazon or Galaxus — to cite an example closer to home (and also nicer, needless to say!).

That said, there's no need to be discouraged!

Selling online in 2022 when you are a merchant who sells locally is a great idea. This should even be at the heart of your concerns, especially after the lockdowns we have experienced in recent years.

It is a fairly simple investment, quickly repaid, and which makes it possible to contribute greatly to your monthly turnover. You still need to know how to present information well.

An online sales site that converts first requires a detailed, clear and unique presentation of its products.

Why create quality product pages?

As simple as it may seem, a good product sheet should easily convince people of the interest of the product. The visitor must be able to quickly take action and add a product to the basket.

This is a key point in the customer journey, because it is the moment when a user will be able to go until the order is finalized or, conversely, leave the site.

Moreover, e-retailers all too often neglect the appearance of their product pages: short and vague texts, sometimes poorly written or misspelled, or even non-existent.

The visual is also a very — if not more — important aspect.

Capture d'écran ecommerce Zalando
Example of a T-shirt on Zalando with an ergonomic layout

In the end, keep in mind that product sheets that are ergonomic, easy to navigate and easy to understand will allow you to differentiate yourself and increase your sales.

But why differentiate yourself elsewhere?

For the simple and good reason that today, when you buy a product on the internet, you compare a lot.

We compare features, prices, reviews. We want to be sure that our purchase is the right one after making the best possible choice.

So when Internet users visit several sites before buying, you might as well offer them product sheets that make you want, and that sell!

How to create product pages that sell

No need to look for the perfect product page or sheet to use for all your products, it... does not exist! This will in fact depend on a multitude of factors, including:

  • your sector of activity
  • your audience
  • your products
  • How your customers consume

That said, key steps must of course be taken into account in order to have an e-commerce with efficient product sheets.

Personalize as much as possible

To echo a well-known concept in digital marketing: segmenting is the key!

Indeed, the more we publish specific products, pages or ads related to our audience, the more we will develop our chances of success because each action will be much more targeted.

Compared to product sheets, this will consist, for example, in putting your finger on the information that makes it possible to promote the purchase of each product.

We must therefore make sure to personalize each product sheet as much as possible in line with the needs of the visitor, and to respond to his problem with an ideal solution.

Think about visitors

thinking SEO, that's good. But Google said it, thinking for humans is better.

So include keywords in your product page, but don't “stuff” them. “Keyword stuffing” consists in creating keyword strings in the belief that search engines will like them.

In reality, these engines are smart enough today to understand that content is not intended for humans. And since their aim is to provide the best information to their users, it is best to go in that direction.

Capture d'écran ecommerce nourriture chien
Dog's Food Corner highlights ultra-simple and explicit product descriptions

So highlight the qualities of the product according to the expectations of visitors. Be careful to remain understandable in your content.

Moreover, put yourself in their shoes: will they understand your technical jargon?

It is better to remain understandable for everyone, to make sure that you do not lose potential customers.

To optimize the retention of your visitors, also think about the technical aspect: optimize the loading speed of your pages and make sure that they are mobile-friendly (responsive). Mobile ergonomics and browsing speed are key factors for SEO.

Publish structured pages

Adopt page templates that have an adequate structure for your product pages! And in general, this is valid for your entire website.

These models — or Templates, but it is a bad word because it is often misperceived -, will allow you to easily identify information from one page to another.

Your visitors will understand what you are offering more quickly. It will even contribute to their loyalty.

Identify which characteristics are important and which are less important in terms of the visitor's intention to buy.

Remember that your product pages are separated into 2 distinct parts: the content that is visible without scrolling (Scroller) vertically and the one that appears after the Scroll. Plus on Scroll, the less information is retained. That's why important information should be put in the first place!

Capture d'écran Logitech souris informations visuelles
Logitech presents in a very visual way with key information at the forefront.

Among the elements to be placed before scrolling, we find in particular:

  • The title of the product
  • Pictures (good quality, please!)
  • The price, easy to distinguish
  • The availability of the product
  • Product variants: colors, models, sizes etc.
  • Customer notes
  • A clearly visible call to action: “Add to cart”, “Buy” or “Order”

Among the elements to be placed rather after scrolling, you can include:

  • An exhaustive description of the product, which makes you want to buy
  • Possible delivery costs to avoid unpleasant surprises
  • Detailed customer reviews
  • A module of similar or complementary items
Capture d'écran Logitech design impactant
On the same page, Logitech highlights striking designs to emphasize characteristics

Write clear and complete product descriptions

It is one of the most important points.

And for good reason, 78% of consumers are looking for detailed information on the characteristics of the product.

In addition, we note that 87% of them will never buy again on a site that provided them with inaccurate information.

So you might as well write detailed and exhaustive product descriptions!

Again, be sure to structure it appropriately.

Make it easy to read and list the main characteristics so that your visitors can quickly understand the information.

Highlight the benefits of the product. You can list the key points of the product, but you must above all address the solution that the product provides to the user.

Product content is a real selling factor. In 2017, it was estimated that 87% of buyers considered product description to be one of the criteria the most important and decisive in the purchase decision.

For greater clarity, consider that the form highlights the background: use color choices that do not interfere with the understanding of the content and remember to use fonts that are easy to read!

You can choose free ones to integrate from Google Fonts.

Post unique product descriptions

We repeat: we compare a lot today when it comes to buying products online. It is therefore essential to stand out from the competition.

Be careful to avoid copying and pasting product descriptions from competitors, and especially from suppliers.

If you are several shops with the same supplier and everyone copies the description in order to save time, this may worsen you.

more than anything else. Plagiarism is indeed very frowned upon by search engines, which will not fail to punish you.

So create unique content, in your own style and that simply makes you want to go further with your brand or products.

Pay attention to detail and incorporate small touches. Everyone appreciates quality and will be seduced by eye-catching details.

Capture d'écran Bakker description de produit unique
On its site, Bakker integrates unique descriptions

If you find that writing takes up too much of your time or that you don't have enough inspiration to write beautiful, impactful product descriptions, use tools that allow you to do it!

With for example, you can generate product descriptions by entering some characteristics. As easy as pie!

Integrate quality photos

Who would want to buy a product without knowing what it will look like?

This point is essential and is also valid for the rest of your site: use beautiful photos and quality visuals (and let's stop with logos please 😭).

Integrate different points of view of your articles to be able to represent them from different angles. Stay consistent with your visuals: the style, the background, the quality must be based on the same idea.

Capture d'écran Larq photos haute qualité
Larq highlights high quality photos for its bottles

Your visitors should be able to see the details of the product and easily represent it by zooming in, so choose high definition photos!

Your conversion rate can increase by 35% thanks to qualitative content that allow the products to be represented in concrete terms.

Also consider presenting the product in a situation: clothes worn, a bike on the road, an alarm clock on a bedside table, etc. The context allows us to imagine what the product would look like in our daily lives.

On the other hand, avoid inexhaustive montages or false simulation photos. Prioritize authenticity. It will be better to take a photo with your phone and add a nice filter to it rather than copy and paste that will not highlight the product.

Note that 70% of users need to see at least 3 photos before adding to cart.

Keep in mind that it is better to pay a photographer to have excellent photos than to pay for bad advertising or to spend money on useless techniques!

Make your action buttons clearly visible

Les Call to action, or “call to action buttons,” should be very easy to distinguish from the rest of the elements. Indeed, what could be worse than having to look for the button to place an order?

Give them a color that contrasts well with the rest of the content so that visitors are encouraged to click on it.

Capture d'écran Zalando CTA
Zalando has clear and attention-grabbing CTAs

Finally, use a simple and descriptive word or phrase on these buttons such as “Order”, “Buy” or “Add to cart”. Originality, here, is counterproductive and will serve you well.

To go further

Suggest more products to your customers

In your template, at the bottom of your product pages, you can integrate a module of similar or recommended products that could interest your customers.

Capture d'écran Osiris Fleurs module produits similaires
An example of similar products at Osiris Fleurs

These modules, which can often be activated by default or at least simple to create with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, make it possible to generate additional sales.

Integrate ratings and “social proof”

We are very sensitive to the judgment of others about the products.

So sensitive by the way, that 86% of users would like to read at least 3 reviews before selecting a product.

Consider integrating the possibility for existing customers to rate products.

Whether it's your establishment on Google My Business, customer testimonials or simply 1 to 5 star ratings directly on your products, the weight of reviews is crucial in our purchasing processes.

Capture d'écran avis Galaxus
An example of customer reviews at Galaxus

Along with relevant and detailed product descriptions, testimonials and customer reviews are part of Of the 7 factors that influence the purchase.

So include the possibility of leaving reviews!


To improve your sales in general, it is essential to focus on user experience of your online store.

You must ensure that the customer journey is well defined, that the information is easily accessible, that the site is fast and that the interface is beautiful and pleasant according to your graphic charter.

As for pages or product sheets — and again, it works for many other aspects — put yourself in the shoes of your visitors and customers. As an e-commerce site visitor, what information do you like to find? And in what form?

Keep it clear and concise, use existing tools to save time and be inspired by the best!

At Coteries, we use, we like or we find the following well-designed and/or efficient sites:

  • Galaxus
  • Digitec
  • Pomgo
  • Zalando
  • Logitech

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